Spiky Balloons

I grew up seeing thousands of small, brown, spiky balls lining my backyard and driveway at a certain time of the year. As a child I would play with them and call them “spiky lollipops,” pretending to eat them with the mud soup I made from outside. Walking around campus and seeing these piled up along the sides of pathways, I became inspired. I wanted to create a photo using the spiky balls that I grew up seeing fall from the trees.

Image result for girl jumping up and reaching

Since these spiky balls fell off of trees and probably represent some kind of seed carrier, they have a stick protruding from one end. I felt this would be perfect to represent the string of a balloon. It gives the object an irony because balloons are supposed to be light and smooth while these balls are hard, dark, and pointy. An object sharp like these spiky balls could probably pop the object they are representing. From this idea, I drew a girl holding onto the balloons and being carried away through the clouds. She is meant to be young and curious, as she is floating into an unknown adventure.

The prompt for this assignment can be found here.

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