My Creativity Factory

Anything I create begins with a jumble of information and thoughts as seen with the large thought bubble on the left edge of the page. To organize and break down my writing and creating process, I have an assembly of my factory.

All the assignments and words act as inputs that travel through the Suction until they get to the the first stage: The Waiting Room. Here is where ideas can culminate and accumulate. The room is quite comfortable, so ideas can hang out there for as long as needed.

Once an entity is in The Waiting Room three things can happen to it. First, it can be sent to the Gutter, where many of the bad ideas are discarded early on in the process. Second, it can be a good idea, but maybe not for this project. In order to accommodate for the needs of these types of ideas, they are sent to Long-Term Housing. The building has lots of rooms and is one of the best underground storage facilities in the factory.

If an entity in the waiting room is ready to be developed, it will get to take the path up stairs to the Brain Storm. Brain Storm can be quite tricky and act like a sort of maze, but once the idea has been workshopped it is able to reach the end and enter the spout of the Filter Focus Watering Can.

Here the idea has been washed through the storm and out the watering can into the Nurturing Garden. The garden is key, allowing the best ideas to nurture and grow. There is even a Root Strengthening Gym if the idea needs stronger roots. From here, the best ideas grow big, tall, strong, and healthy with lots of leaves and flowers.

The tallest idea will be able to reach the Creation Hub. This is where the idea starts to come to life. The Creation Hub is meant to look like the palette of an artist about to use his skills to create something amazing. Sprouting from the Creation Hub is the List of Goals and Tasks to keep the factory in check.

The entity will then makes its way across the Bridge to Building and end up at the Solid Formation Tower. This signifies the end of the creation stage. From the Solid Formation Tower a Product Cube is formed. This Product Cube is basically the first draft. Everything is laid out, but it is plain and needs a little pizazz.

That is why the Product Cube quickly gets shrunken down and drenched in Creativity Potion. This gooey, sparkly mess slides down and is zapped in the air, awaiting the Cutting Stage. Here, things can be pared down to fit word limits or to get rid of all the superfluous language. The edges and goo of the Product Cube fall into the Pit of Fallen Phrases will the main entity gets sucked up the Tunnel of Humor and Personality.

Once the product is whisked, and swirled around the tunnel, it is filled with personality and loaded unto the Trip to Final Packaging. The product reaches a last stage conveyer belt where it gets hit with Dash of Flavor & Style.

The last stage of my creation process is the product receiving that Cherry on Top. It goes through the last tunnel where it is quickly whisked Off to the Whims of the Universe. Don’t worry, the information is replicated and placed in the Saved File, so I will always be able to access it.

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